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Aptitude Accounting Hub

Purpose-built to simplify the most complex finance architectures. AAH creates a ‘single view of finance’ and a launchpad for digital finance transformation.
Rich data foundation
Exploit highly granular data consolidated in a trusted single source for improved insight and forecasting
Centralized control
Flexible & configurable, providing absolute financial control of accounting rules and processes
Business agility
Address evolving regulations, markets & technologies and adopt new business models with ease
Efficiency and foresight
Automated, end-to-end accounting & reporting to deliver timely insights & accelerate financial close

What is the Aptitude Accounting Hub (AAH)?

The Aptitude Accounting Hub is a finance management software solution. It is essential for every finance function looking to transform the business and gain the foresight and agility to embrace future regulatory, market, and technology changes.

It provides business value far beyond smart finance and compliance, offering a launchpad for progressive finance transformation.

AAH is purpose-built to centralize and automate finance, accounting, and reporting. It empowers finance teams with total control of accounting rules and processes, all managed from a single location and designed with finance users in mind.

2019-_icon-AAH light shadow
Centralized enterprise accounting rules platform to consolidate complex and disparate source systems
True double-entry accounting, manual adjustment portal, and financial control
Multi-basis accounting to support US GAAP, IFRS, and other management reporting requirements
Summary & detailed balances - daily, MTD, YTD, LTD running totals - in transaction, base & local currencies
Journals created in transaction, base and local currencies, with periodic FX revaluation support
Multiple calendar support allowing entity-specific close frequencies to shorten period end processing
Drill down reporting for deep analytics & insights on balance changes, & cross basis analysis
Configurable period end processing: P&L sell-down, intercompany eliminations, close accruals, etc.

AAH Core Offering Diagram

icon-industry4-embedded system
Solution API
Financial Data Repository
Accounting Engine
'Thick' Subledger Capability
Reporting and Data Feeds
Supports Other Process Engines

The Aptitude Accounting Hub connects to any source and target system, allowing organizations to leverage existing investments and easily access and share data.

AAH can connect through secure file-based data (SFBD) with full encryption, RESTful Web APIs, browser upload, and pre-built connectors including Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS).

AAH intergations

The Aptitude Accounting Hub, delivered as a managed service by KPMG

KPMG’s Managed Service offers an industry-specific configuration of the Aptitude Accounting Hub, tuned to support an extremely high degree of automation. This gives CFOs and their teams access to a proven, industry-leading accounting software solution delivered by one of the most trusted advisories in the world.

Learn more about AAH and KPMG managed service

Consolidate all financial data in one place

The Aptitude Accounting Hub consolidates all financial data, integrating easily into your existing finance technology landscape. It is flexible, highly configurable, and can handle massive volumes of transactions.

The accounting hub can import data from any and all sources. One client used AAH to centralize data from over 140 source systems.

银行图标 For a bank this may be customer data, financial data and all transactional data.
White Icon 保险 Industry Large For an Insurer this may be policy data, accounting data and actuarial data.
Telco-satalite-icon For a telecoms company this may be billing systems, commission, and contract data.
TMT Icon For a technology company this may be customer data, contract data, and transaction data.

The data is brought together, validated, enriched, and structured in a consistent way.


Automated accounting for accelerated financial close, increased efficiency, and business growth

Discover how the Aptitude Accounting Hub can provide operational efficiencies and enable resources to be redeployed on value-added tasks. Then watch the business benefits driven by the finance team grow.

  • Dramatically reduce time spent on the financial monthly and quarterly close with a dynamic continuous close model
  • Gain fully automated, ‘touchless’ accounting from source-to-post
  • Streamline financial, management, and statutory reporting with significant time savings
  • Enable strategic planning, forecasting, and scenario planning and reduce backward reporting


The role of an accounting subledger in today’s finance department

Subledgers, or subsidiary ledgers, have been around for decades. Subledgers have taken many forms, from loan accounting systems to general ledger (GL) posting engines.

Today, finance needs access to more frequent, and more granular data to generate financial statements across multiple reporting requirements and meet the demands of stakeholders. Double-entry subledgers, like the one included as part of the Aptitude Accounting Hub, have become a key necessity to support the enhanced, analytics-heavy needs of the Finance department.

The Aptitude Accounting Hub includes a double-entry subledger capable of:

  • Delivering Multi-GAAP, multi-entity, multi-currency reporting at a single point
  • Rationalizing posting patterns, accounting rules, and business logic across all source systems
  • Supporting drill-down from reported results to underlying transactions and business logic
  • Ensuring comparability of reporting and dramatically reducing reconciliations
  • Supporting the adoption of cloud ERP or General Ledger solutions

Aptitude Accounting Hub client success

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    quote The Accounting Hub has such immense power, controls, and scalability. Once we start seeing nearly 75% more subscribers coming into it [as a result of the Sprint integration] we know that it can handle that type of volume and that level of revenue. And I would say the business is excited about the level of insights and data that we are able to provide because we are processing at such a granular level of information.
    Nathan Smith
    Director, Product & Technology, T-Mobile
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    quote The elements of the entire program included an Enterprise Data Warehouse, Accounting Hub, and then the various pipes through from our source loan systems into those elements and into our GL. It was a highly complex program, but it was the Accounting Hub which brought it all together and which produces the disclosures needed and the financial statements, without that you’d be scrambling around in spreadsheets or whatever to produce them.”
    Paul Daniel
    Group Finance, Bank of Ireland
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    quote The Aptitude Accounting Hub has empowered us to progressively transform finance while creating a detailed financial data foundation.
    Multinational Telecom Company
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    quote A big part of the reason we went with the Aptitude Accounting Hub over other options was the amount of built-in IP it offered through the insurance data model. We felt like we wouldn’t be starting from scratch with an empty box
    US Health Insurer

Aptitude Accounting Hub top business use cases

The Aptitude Accounting Hub supports the finance team’s efforts to modernize and simplify the finance office.

Three of the most common use cases we see across industries include supporting a finance transformation, driving smart compliance, and supporting a GL or ERP cloud migration.

Click each use case area to learn more.

Aptitude Accounting Hub as a SaaS Solution

Aptitude Software offers flexible deployment options for its entire product portfolio, including AAH.  These options include deployment:

  • on-premise
  • private cloud environment
  • Software as a Service (SaaS).

The Aptitude Accounting Hub offers value on its own or integrated with another Aptitude solution.

cloud portfolio

Options available

Aptitude Accounting Hub – Standalone SaaS solution to modernize and simplify a finance department through centralized and fully automated finance, accounting, and reporting.

IFRS 17 Solution – Aptitude Accounting Hub (AAH) and Aptitude 保险 Calculation Engine (AICE) are fully integrated to deliver a fully SaaS deployable IFRS 17 solution for value beyond compliance.

Aptitude Accounting Hub & Aptitude Calculate – Aptitude’s Accounting Hub (AAH) and Aptitude Calculate (AC) are fully integrated, enabling business users to perform complex and multi-dimensional calculations, conversions, and allocations based on high volumes of transactional and operational data feeds from multiple source systems.

Ready to learn more?

Aptitude Accounting Hub is the ultimate finance software solution for finance teams ready to modernize and embrace the digital era and 4.0 world. Schedule a call with one of our Accounting Hub product experts or arrange a demo.

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